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The Home You Want At The Price You Need

Are you struggling to find the perfect home at a price you can afford? We can help!
Through the Affordable Dream Home Program you can purchase your dream home below market value and not have to settle for a house that doesn't quite fit.   
Simply click the button below to fill out the form and see if you qualify for this amazing opportunity.

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Don't Miss Out On This Amazing Opportunity!


What is it? - The Affordable Dream Home Program is a specialized process for helping home buyers purchase the home they want at a price they can afford. If you qualify for the program, we will bring you properties that need work and you can purchase & renovate for less than it would cost to buy them all ready fixed up. 

Saving Money - We will connect you with properties that are in need of repairs and you can purchase significantly below market value. This will allow you to purchase and renovate the home for a total amount that is less than its market value, ensuring you have equity from the day you move in.

Your Dream Home - An experienced & trusted contractor that will help you repair & renovate your home to your specifications. Instead of settling on someone else's dream home, you will be able to create your own, and do it at an affordable price. 

Turn this...


Into this


for a price that fits your budget!

Stop Settling on Your Home


With over 20 years of experience in real estate, our team has built a wide network of specialist that can assist you in finding and financing your dream home. 

Don't Settle on a Home You Don't Absolutely Love

Don't Buy a House You Can't Really Afford

Don't Overpay For a House in a Bidding War

Don't Spend Months Searching For The Perfect Home

Buy a Home That Actually Fits Your Budget

Work With Experts That Know the Real Estate Industry Inside & Out

Have Equity in Your Home the Day You Move in.

Make Sure Your Home Has Everything You Need and Want

Get your deal sold asap!

Private Property


We Have an Easy 5 Step Process to Finding Your Dream Home

Fill out the form to find out if you qualify for the ADH Program.

We bring you properties that match your buy criteria.

You sign the purchase & sale agreement and close on the property.

A contractor works with you to turn your property into your dream home.

You move in and enjoy a home you truly love.

Have Questions?


If you have any questions about our services you can contact us by filling out the form to the right or by one of the methods below.


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